How to make your solar lights brighter?

Making Solar Lights Brighter:


The rundown of solar light is such, it contains a mini solar panel mostly on top. The internal body of the light contains small batteries that get charged through this solar panel. These batteries, in turn, power the LEDs. Over time, these LEDs lose a little of their brightness for a number of reasons.

Environmental factors, as we might see shortly, also affect this aging of solar light. With some maintenance and minimal expense, the original brightness can be restored.

Some solutions we proposed that makes your solar lights brighter are:

  1. Make sure Solar Panels are working correctly
  2. Observe hours of sunlight
  3. Replace your solar batteries
  4. Turn off the solar light


Background Check:


A great Energy source for the users:

Solar energy is a remarkably effective source of energy that is abundant and seemingly in infinite supply. Though many critics had the view that solar energy is very limited in its scope, it has advanced to a great extent and is disrupting the power markets today.It is one of the most sought-after solution and a brilliant direction for the global market to move in.

Solar energy has captured the market by storm, and one can find many portable devices and systems that harness the solar energy and convert it into useful electric power that a user can consume on the go.

Proven Solution for future generations:

Solar energy has proved itself and its advantages and benefits, both for the society and the nature, are well-settled. People are now better-aware of the destructive effects that traditional power systems have on the environment, and they appreciate the fact how solar energy can be a cleaner and greener substitute to match the growing demand for power.

Garden Lights and house lights now a days:

Solar products are being used extensively throughout the world. Many portable devices come in form of garden or house lights. These portable devices are a standalone source of light being produced by solar energy. One dissatisfying experience that most  people generally tend to have around these solar lights is that they grow dimmer with time. So if you are really relying on solar energy to power your lights and something is not working right in the equation, what should you do to harness better output from your investment?

This article will address exactly this issue and come up with some workable solutions with which our readers can make their solar lights brighter.

Following are some of the solutions that can restore the lost brightness 
of Solar light:

Make sure Solar Panels are working correctly:


When your working to make solar lights bright the first thing to do is to make sure that your solar panels that are fixed at top of your garden lights and other various lights are shiny and absorbing as much sunlight as possible. The environment has a damaging effect on these solar panels because most people forget to maintain their solar light panels and are wondering why their solar lights are not as bright as they were before.

So, as a starter, you can make sure that the mini solar panel of your solar light is clean. Try wiping it off using a damp paper towel. A cleaner solar panel means more power generated by the solar panel, which in turn will increase the output power for the light.

Observe hours of sunlight:


Just placing a solar light outside is not enough. Its location matters a lot. It can be that the solar light only receives direct sunlight for a smaller part of the day and remains in shadow for most part. A user who is experiencing low output from their solar lights must observe and monitor the number of hours the solar light gets proper sunlight for.

Check the solar light periodically throughout the day to see if they are not blocked by any shade. Ensuring that the solar light receives ample sunlight throughout the day will definitely result in better results. 

You can read more about the angle of a solar panel affecting output voltage 

Replace your solar batteries:


As mentioned before, solar lights have batteries in them that get charged through solar energy. If the batteries are low on performance, they can reduce the overall output of the solar light. These miniature batteries can get corroded or tarnished over time. Environmental factors as high humidity or cooler temperatures in winters can highly speed up the corroding away of batteries. Since the battery is an integral part of the system to ensure smooth functioning, it is important to properly maintain it.

A user can easily check for weak batteries by opening the casing, if it’s easily possible. Otherwise, taking it to an electrician can get it fixed in no time for minimal charges. The electrician would also be able to replace the old batteries with the most suitable replacement.

Ending it on a useful tip, it is recommended to purchase extra batteries when purchasing the solar lights so that you can maintain it for a longer run. 

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Turn off the solar light:


A solar light gets charged in the morning and turns on automatically at night, or at moments when the sunlight is not bright enough. This cycle repeats every day. So essentially, a solar light is in continuous operation. Believe it or not, this continuous operation can be the reason for low performance of the solar light. There can be something heating up, or the battery not getting charged fully throughout the day.

To check whether turning off solar lights are helpful. Turn your solar lights off for 2 or 3 days and let your solar batteries charge to their fullest. This includes solar lights that are completely off in the day and at night time. After 3 days turn your lights on If it's much brighter than before, this shows that your batteries are taking more time to charge.

Either it is getting less sunlight or battery life has weakened.

These are some of the solutions for low brightness solar lights if nothing works then probably you should consider buying a new set of solar lights.

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