How Does the Angle of a Solar Panel Affect the Voltage?

Relation of Angle of solar panel with Voltage


The angle of a solar panel determines how much direct sunlight solar panels receive which impacts the output voltage of the solar current. Solar panel has to reflect the sun’s seasonal day arc to produce the highest voltage output. You need your solar panels to get as much direct sunlight as possible. 

You’re committing to using renewable energy. It makes sense economically and environmentally to do so. Your geographical location, the position of your roof, and the angle of the panel all contribute to how much energy you will generate. 

Using an app or free service online will get you the most precise angle for your solar panel. If you don't have an app then there’s a general rule of thumb when calculating the best angle for your fixed solar panels.


  1. Spring – tilt panels to your latitude
  2. Summer –panels need to be at your latitude minus 15 degrees
  3. Fall – back to your latitude
  4. Winter – Tilt the panels to your latitude plus 15 degrees


The process is made simple by most manufacturers taking only a few minutes. There two common practices to determine the angle for your solar panel’s specific geolocation. The most precise is looking up the angle online or using a mobile app. The service will use your location to find the optimal angle.


Becoming self-sustainable takes efficiency. Being wasteful only makes warrants for more power to be generated. Some areas, like the American Southwest, can afford to be sloppy. Other areas like the Pacific Northwest don’t have that luxury.


Your roof angle can also affect the output of your solar panels. Southern facing roofs are ideal in the Northern Hemisphere.You want your new green energy power source to be as efficient as possible.


Solar panels Angle Affecting the Voltage:


Solar panel adopters need to adjust the angle in the spring, summer, fall, and winter. Failing to do so will result in loss of potential free energy. Solar panels need to be adjusted according to the sky path of the sun. Most people are aware that the sun takes a route directly overhead in the middle of summer. In the winter months, the sun spends less time in the sky.


Setting the angle on a solar panel requires manual adjustment. The environmentally friendly homeowner must get on their roof and change the angle four times per year.


Why Solar Energy is more efficient for homeowners?


Solar energy is electricity generated by the sun. The method has improved over the years but is still only capable of 20% efficiency. Other methods of renewable energy are efficient at converting their source of power into electricity.


Wind power is over 50% efficient; hydroelectric plants are above 90% efficient. But these methods aren’t as practical. A wind turbine has to be massive to run a home and you would have to live on a mountain slope with a large river to benefit from hydroelectricity.


Solar is obtainable. People are running their homes today with energy from the sun. In some parts of the country, enough energy is created to sell back to the grid.

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How is Power Generated from solar panels?


Solar power comes from sunlight. Energy isn’t produced at night. Solar panels run at about 50% when clouds cover the sky. This number varies with numerous variables; not all clouds are as thick.


Solar panels don’t generate electricity at night or from moonlight.



Going Solar and making a world carbon-free:


Taking measures like tilting panels to the correct angle to maximize, the voltage output is critical to becoming self-sustainable. Solar is an investment. For the solar panels, installation, and maintenance to pay for themselves, users must be conscious of their consumption. Saving power through changing habits can result in less power required by the solar panels.


The earth needs more people to use renewable energy sources like solar power. With an initial investment, homeowners can become much closer to carbon neutral. We only have one planet. It is our responsibility to not destroy it by burning fossil fuels for hundreds of years.

The United States has a huge role in getting our planet off fossil fuels. As a country, we are extremely wasteful. Electricity is a big part of the change that needs to be made but far from defeating the largest threat to our species.


Making small adjustments to become more efficient is a step in the right direction. Recycling, being conscious of where our food comes from, driving less, and ending our marriage with fossil fuels are all needed to join the rest of the developed world in a quest to become carbon neutral. It can seem like small steps are only a drop in the bucket, but these simple adjustments like changing the angle of solar panels can go a long way in saving the planet when done on a large scale.