Backyard Revolution Solar Reviews - Pros and Cons


Backyard Revolution by Zack Bennett - Full Review

Product Name:  Backyard Revolution

Creator:   Zack Bennett

Price:  $27 (can vary)

Availability:  Online

Usage:  A DIY guide to build a 3d solar tower and live off-grid 


It's a guide with plans, list of parts, and step-by-step instructions to form a 3d solar tower using 24 DIY monocrystalline solar cells having a total output of 86.4 watts.

  • Accessibility: 99% thumbs up
  • Price: 89% thumbs up
  • Quality:  98% thumbs up
  • Usability: 90% thumbs-up 

Key Features

  1. A guide with detailed step-by-step instructions to form a DIY 3d solar tower aka backyard revolution device.
  2. Video demonstrations are present in the program which makes it easier to follow instructions.
  3. With other sections and bonuses included you are getting more than the actual price of the product.
  4. An innovative solar device that gives output volts like any other solar device out there making it useful to charge a solar battery.
  5. Because of its decent size and portable structure, it is easier to handle than commercially available flat solar panels.

Problems Solved:

Following are some issues resolved by using the backyard revolution system
  1. A green energy backup source copes with climate change.
  2. Reduces Electrical bills by outsourcing to solar energy.
  3. Acquire less space than traditional solar panels.
  4. Easily transportable.
  5. Tackles with frequent power outages.
  6. Make you live off-grid.

  • Innovative Device
  • Green Energy
  • Customizable
  • Low cost
  • Improves knowledge in the usage of green energy
  • You must work on it
  • You must have time
  • Have to gather the listed items
  • Experience in DIY will definitely help
  • Must be willing to go green
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Our in-depth Backyard Revolution Review:

This is our detailed review after purchasing the program including a sneak peek of the member's area and backyard revolution pdf guide you can watch the video or read along as you like: 

About the Product:

The backyard revolution system is a guide that will help you build a 3d solar tower. It provides list of items, the size of wood cuttings, and all other technical objects required to construct a DIY solar tower.


Zack Bennett has created this program to help outsource electrical bills and live off-grid using an innovative solar panel device. 

This gadget require less space as it is a vertical tower that can be placed anywhere even when there is a small area. It has a series of solar arrays placed at an angle to maximize solar energy generation.

Companies appearing on this site provide compensation to us. These commissions are the source of how we maintain our free services including Content along with hours of in-depth research.Thank you

My Experience:

In my experience, It's a great program on green energy. As I was facing expensive electric bills and occasional power outages, I know an alternative will help me to outsource some of the home appliances.


Who Am I?

I am an MBA graduate who is looking for ways to learn and adapt to green energy. Since 2019 I was keen on educating myself on how can I use solar energy for the better.

I currently live in a 2700 sq feet house in a country where there are occasional power outages and on top of that the price of commercial energy is very expensive. 

I then stumbled upon an innovative solar panel program called backyard revolution and in my curiosity, bought the program to learn more about solar energy. 

I have written this review from my personal experience So you can have an insight into what I learned.

Backyard Revolution program is a guide that brings awareness and innovation to already popular solar panel use.

It contains a detailed layout for a DIY 3d solar tower as well as video guides and there is also a customization plan to make the original 3d solar tower bigger and better.

The idea behind it is to make a cheap solar panel device using DIY solar cells enclosed in glass with polycarbonated sheets between them and placed on a wooden stand in a zigzag pattern.

You can use this to charge a solar battery which will in turn power other electric appliances like fans, lights, etc. 

The best part is you can make as many solar tower devices to charge a number of solar batteries .

A single backyard revolution device generates at least 14 to 15 varying voltages which are enough to charge a lead acid battery as mentioned at inspire clean energy assuming you're using this type as it's a common solar battery.


This device uses a number of monocrystalline solar cells which has a maximum output of 3.6 watts and a maximum of 0.6 volts per cell. So a single backyard revolution device is able to generate 86.4 watts using 24 solar cells placed in full sunlight.

My Rating Stats:

  • Price an 89% thumbs up as the product is price effective but there are additional costs you need to incur for listed items.
  • Accessibility is a 99% thumbs up, it is available online as a digital course.
  • Quality is a 98% thumbs up, the course is packed with useful information about solar energy
  • Usability is a 90% thumbs-up because you have put effort to read and make a DIY solar tower.

I would give it a total of 4.8 Ratings out of 5.


A number of features this device has after reading through the program:

  • Size advantage 
  • Easy to make
  • Less time and effort 
  • Works wherever the sun is shinning
  • Cuts your power cost
  • Helps you live off the grid
  • Portable and customizable

Some Pros and Cons:

Below are the pros and cons I concluded after going through the product.


  • Innovative Device
  • Green Energy
  • Helps you cope with electric bills
  • Helps you during power outages
  • Customizable
  • Low cost
  • Improves knowledge in the usage of green energy


  • You must work on it 
  • You must have time
  • Have to gather the listed items
  • Experience in DIY will definitely help
  • Must be willing to go green

What's included in the backyard revolution program?

Backyard Revolution Plans:

Backyard Revolution Plans contain 3 main parts starting from a portable section to a bonus section, these plans include DIY solar arrays, Parts dimensions, video guides, and an upsize version of the product.

1) Portable Section

2) Home version Section

3) A Bonus Section

1) Portable Section

In the portable section, you will get the official backyard revolution Ebook with all the steps and list of tools to build the solar tower stand, DIY solar arrays, and methods to assemble them correctly along with connection to the battery. 

It contains 1 Ebook in pdf format and 2 downloadable video guides. 

Below is the Table of content from that Ebook.

Backyard Revolution PDF:


Chapter-wise Distribution:

In this guide, every backyard revolution plan is distributed chapter wise starting from chapters 1 to 8 It's a 117 pages Ebook.

Each chapter has steps to get you started on DIY 3d solar tower, 

Chapter 1: List of tools

In chapter 1 there is a list of all the required tools. There are about 12 tools you need which are very common and easily available like a digital voltmeter to measure the exact output voltage.

Chapter 2: List of materials

In chapter 2 there is a list of all the materials. A total of 19 items with exact quantities are listed in this section along with wood dimensions, solar cells, and other items. 

Chapter 3: Parts Dimensions:

The third chapter has all the parts dimensions which include the size of the wood used, slider, and solar cell. Every plan is laid out simple to understand and easy to be made.

Remaining chapters:

The remaining chapters have the makings of the solar tower in a clear step-by-step picture So, everything is placed correctly.

The connection of backyard revolution with the battery and proper wiring is discussed in detail inside this pdf.

The best part I like about the program is the author has mentioned each item needed as well the size of the wood in the beginning So, you have everything beforehand.

Video Guides:

Then there are 2 video guides presented in HD. One video is 17:37 minutes long and the second one is 17:41 minutes. 

I can tell these videos are very helpful as they demonstrate the exact makings of the backyard revolution solar tower live. 

You can follow along the as the author makes it and connects each and every item together with correct formation.

voltage test:

In the end, the author connects the backyard revolution solar tower with the battery and checks the output voltage using a volt meter which came out as 14.01V

It basically varies between 14 and 15V enough to fully charge a deep cycle battery.


2) Home version Section

This section will give you more DIY plans to do the customization on the original backyard revolution solar tower and make it bigger and better.

In the home version section, you will get 2 PDFs with 1 video guide in two qualities: watch in HD or low resolution.

PDF 1:

The first PDF is "Size Scaling" It will give you the dimensions and exact wood size requirements to upsize the original backyard 3d solar tower.

PDF 2:

The second PDF is about "Wiring" and it will lay out the connections of the upsized solar tower to the charge controller and eventually towards the batteries. The positive and negative connections are mentioned in pictures So, you won't make mistake while making a circuit.

Video Guide:

There is one video guide in this section with 2 qualities low and high . It will demonstrate the making of the upsized 3d solar tower enabling you to follow along as the author makes it.

3) A Bonus Section

The third section is a bonus section with 3 Ebooks on how to make better use of power sources.

Bonus Ebook 1:

How to Protect Your Homestead in case of an EMP:


It's a 26 pages ebook that lays out different methods to protect your electrical devices, particularly solar panels in case of an EMP surge. 

At the start, the author mentioned different types of EMPs and their impacts, and later some ways to protect against various types of EMPs.

I like reading it and it has made me aware of different EMPs that can cause harm to electrical appliances which were unknown to me before.

Some of these steps are useful just like the author gives an example of using a "Faraday Cage" to protect from E1 and E2-type EMPs.

Bonus Ebook 2:

How to Build Your Energy Stockpile:


The Ebook will give you different Ideas to make a quality energy-gathering stock. It contains 23 pages. 

In the first chapters, you will learn to make a stock of small energy starting with AAA batteries.

The later chapters are my favorite and it reveals different types of batteries and how to use them appropriately. 

Two types are discussed "Shallow-cycle" and "deep-cycle".

There is a list of batteries given and the type which will prove to be beneficial for solar use. 

This Ebook made me aware of the various batteries and their use according to certain situations.

Bonus Ebook 3:

Alternative Electric Energy Sources for Your Homestead:


The third Ebook is related to renewable energies and their residential usage. It's a 25 pages Ebook. 

In the early chapters, there are different types of renewable energy, their costs, and the watts it generates 

later it has given some awareness regarding Energy Generation using Waste as it lays out processes through which energy from waste is generated

Additionally, it has given some ideas to generate energy using a bicycle and how energy is being generated through it 

Lastly, it has given energy generation using generators and which one is best either DIYs or gas generators.

I like this Ebook as it helps me understand the importance of using DIY renewable energy as a cheap alternative to a more expensive energy source like diesel generators and commercial energy.

The author has given some differences between Gas generators vs DIYs as gas generator produces quality electricity but noise and cost are a few disadvantages. 

Gift Area:

In the last, there is a gift from the author. 



DIY Process:

The backyard revolution guide will provide the plans and instructions you can follow along and make a 3d solar tower device start working for your household items.

Basically, all the tools and instruments listed in the guide, below are the steps you need to follow.

Step 1:

First, purchase the program by clicking the link down below


Download the pdf Ebook with all the plans, tools, and wood sizes you will need


Gather the items and objects listed in the backyard revolution guide

Step 4:

Watch the videos given in the program course 

Step 5:

Cut the wood according to the sizes mentioned in the Ebook 

Step 6 :

Make DIY solar arrays as mentioned every step in the Ebook

Steps 7:

Connect the system to the Solar connector and batteries 

Step 8:

Place the device in a sunny spot and let the batteries charge




Who is this guide for?

I can say this guide is for anyone looking to go green. If you love DIYs and looking to go green then you are in luck.

For all those people:

  • Looking to green 
  • Love DIYs
  • Want to experiment 
  • Love new things
  • Want some electricity saving 
  • Wanting to have a backup power

Should you consider buying the backyard revolution program?


After purchasing the program myself, I can say it is a quality product with information regarding renewable energy and how to harness its power effectively.

key decision-making factors:

  • The solar cells used in this program are low cost and works well even in a partially shaded area I think it is a good and innovative use of solar energy compared to traditional solar panels.
  • Because of its decent size and portable structure, it is easier to handle than commercially available flat solar panels.
  • You are getting knowledge of using solar energy in a new and innovative way.
  • With other sections and bonuses included you are getting more than the actual price of the product.
  • As commercial energy is becoming costly day by day an alternative helps to ease some of those expensive electric bills 
  • In this program, all of the steps to make a 3d solar tower are laid out smoothly along with video guides assisting with each step. 
  • The author has simplified everything So, you can either follow the pdf or watch the videos as it demonstrates the DIY solar tower.

Upsells included:

There are other upsells after you purchase the initial product Like a "Gasless Generator Program" as I have screenshotted above 

If you are curious to learn about renewable energy and clean power sources you can consider it.

The bottom line is backyard revolution is a worthy program with a money-back guarantee so there is no risk involved with emailing customer support for help regarding the product.

Where to purchase it?

You can visit below and purchase the official backyard revolution program. Try yourself out, experiment with it. 

It's worth the money as it has all the instructions and plans required to make a 3d solar tower for the best use of solar energy.

Get Access details on Backyard Revolution Program Here