Backyard Revolution Review - Full Indepth Explained

It's a step-by-step guide to form a DIY 3d solar tower having several solar arrays placed at a specific angle to make the best use of solar energy.


Climate Change Crisis:

Today's world is facing a number of climate changes. Everywhere in the world, global warming is becoming a major issue. Due to these problems, many countries are looking for alternate energy sources.

Inflation and price:

Inflation and electricity prices are getting a real toll on society. Covid has a drastic effect on inflation rates and electricity prices are shooting uptrend.

People are looking to save electricity bills and cut their costs without having to lower the standards and make changes.

How backyard revolution can help you?

This is an innovative solar panel device. A new way of using solar energy or we can say a better use of green energy.


A number of features this device has:

  • Size advantage 
  • Easy to make
  • Less time and effort 
  • Works wherever the sun is shinning
  • Cuts your power cost
  • Helps you live off the grid
  • Portable and customizable

DIY Process:

The backyard revolution guide will provide the plans and instructions you can follow along and make a 3d solar tower device start working for your household items.



What's included in the backyard revolution program?

This is a detailed review done on the program including a sneak peek of member's area you can watch the whole video or read along as you like:

How to build 3d solar panels? 

Basically, all the tools and instruments are listed in the guide

Step 1:

First, purchase the program by clicking the link down below


Download the pdf Ebook with all the tools and wood sizes you will need

Step 3:

Watch the videos given in the program course

Step 4:

Cut the wood according to the sizes mentioned in the Ebook 

Step 5 :

Make DIY solar arrays as mentioned every step in the Ebook

Steps 6:

Connect the system to the Solar connector and batteries 

Step 7:

Place the device in a sunny spot and let the batteries charge


Backyard Revolution Plans:

Backyard Revolution includes two PDF ebooks, three video guides with other gifts, and additional bonuses.

Each of these is explained below:

Additional Bonus feature:

You will get an additional bonus feature within the program that helps to customize your 3d solar tower.

There is also a gift found within the member's area and 3 additional Ebooks related to Energy production.

Sizable Section:

There is a sizable section given within the course helping you use large solar arrays to power bigger things.

In that Section, you will get an Ebook and a video guide helping you form a portable solar device and  DIY plans to make large solar panels in a 3d tower by upsizing your current project for free.

Some Pros and Cons:


  • Innovative Device
  • Green Energy
  • Helps you cope with electric bills
  • Helps you during power outages
  • Customizable
  • Low cost
  • Improves knowledge in the usage of green energy


  • You should work on it 
  • You must have time
  • Have to gather the listed items
  • Some experience in DIY can help
  • Must be willing to go green

Who this guide is for and where to get it?

I can say this guide is for anyone looking to go green. If you love DIYs and looking to go green then you are in luck.

For all those people:

  • Looking to green 
  • Love DIYs
  • Want to experiment 
  • Love new things
  • Want some electricity saving 
  • Wanting to have a backup power


You can visit below and purchase a copy of the program. Try yourself out, experiment with it. 

I can say it's worth the money as it has all the instructions and plans required to make a 3d solar tower for the best use of solar energy.

Get a detailed Backyard Revolution Program Here: