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This blog is about saving electricity and the environment using clean and green energy, as global warming is becoming an issue and resources of the world are limited people are looking for cheap and efficient energy sources.

Solar energy is one of them and as researches are conducted to make solar energy available to the masses this has become one of the biggest sources of clean and efficient energy. Companies like Tesla and others are also going green by using solar energy.

In this blog, you will find information about DIY solar energy and how you can harness its power in a cheap and efficient manner by utilizing some DIY solar projects mentioned in the blog.

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My Solar Journey:

My name is junaid waqar an MBA graduate, created this blog to share my learning experiences with solar energy.  

In my college year which was around 2011, I studied pre-engineering and later went to the business side but during those years I learned a few things about how electricity works and the ways it is transmitted from the grid station to residential homes making commercial energy expensive in the whole process. 

So, a better alternative to this is producing your own energy which is going towards green energy.

Solar is one of those popular green energy sources which interests me and from the year 2019 I am looking for various ways to depend on it using solar panels and some DIY solar projects.

This blog is merely a reflection of my knowledge of what I have learned and as time goes on I will share more.

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