How to Keep Solar Panels from Being Stolen? 4 Ways

4 Prevention Tips from Solar Panels Theft:


Solar panel theft isn’t an uncommon crime in the U.S. The number of reported stolen solar panels was extremely high years back when solar panels were just introduced, and the prices were high. Today, while the prices have dropped, the U.S. still records cases of solar panel theft.

Solar panels are not cheap, and like the fate of other expensive items, solar panels are vulnerable to theft. What makes them a more target for thieves is that they’re installed outdoor.

Hence, if not properly protected, thieves have eyes on them and can easily detach them within a few minutes and be on the run.

Here’re tips to prevent solar panels from being stolen:

1) Don’t brag about your solar panels:


It’s even common to get an item stolen moments after bragging about how much it is worth. The same applies to your solar panels. Bragging about how much you bought them attracts thieves. 

People when first bought their solar panels and install them on roofs or backyard tend to take pictures of how they are installing and where they are placing the panels. Then they post these pics on social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc So, their friends, relatives can know how they are going green and saving energy but sometimes they brag too much-sharing prices and how much it costs them and they can afford such expensive panels which can attract some suspicious people who may tend to ruin your solar journey by stealing them.

Hence, when talking about your solar panels, ensure you skip the part that talks about how much they’re worth and also avoid sharing prices and other confidential information in big social groups.

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2) Invest in Alarm System:


One of the best means to prevent your solar panels, especially portable solar panels used on outdoor trips, from being stolen is to attach an alarm system.

What scares most solar panel owners away from investing in this means of PV protection is the price. Most people believe that alarm systems for solar panels come at the same prices as ones meant for vehicle protection. This is not true as alarm systems for PV are available at lower prices.

Some of these alarm systems are excellent for protecting solar panels by making an automatic call to the owner when they notice any movement around the solar panels.

Some models work using a camera that records every movement and action of the thieves trying to steal the PV.

3) Engrave Your Name on Them:


One great means to stop thieves from stealing your solar PVs is to engrave your name on the frames. This is similar but more effective than recording your solar PVs’ serial numbers.

Engraving your name on your PVs has no effect on their performance but lessens their chances of being stolen.

Thieves are wary of stealing items with the owner’s name on them. This is because it’s difficult to sell items with names on them, as it’s easy for owners of such items to quickly identify their items immediately they spot them.          

4) Block Access to the Panels:


How accessible your solar panels are, determines how susceptible they’re to theft. Thieves usually target items with easy access.

Depending on where your solar panels are, find a means to block access to them. If your solar panels are ground-mounted, secure the perimeter for security purposes.

Investing in a simple fence for your solar panels will stop thieves attempting to steal your solar panels, as this will require more time and energy to have access to the panels and detach them.

Why You Should Worry About Solar Panel Protection?

According to the available data, solar panels in remote locations are more target for thieves. This means that the chances of your solar panels being stolen are higher if you reside in a remote and insecure location than in a city. Hence, the security of your solar panels is key.

Another reason to worry about solar PV protection is if your neighbors are not always around to notice anyone working on your solar panels and give you a call regarding it.

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