Reasons why we don't use renewable energy all the time:


As we know that The burning of fossil fuels is dangerous and much of the world's energy relay on fossil fuels. Coal and natural gas are the most used power sources. In 1882 the first coal plant was introduced in US and since 1961 it’s the main source of energy. According to the Washington Post, there are about 1721 solar power plants in U.S that produce about 1 percent of total electric needs whereas 1793 natural gas power plants generating about 34 percent of total U.S energy needs.

Domestic use of renewable energy: Solar power adapters are successfully powering their entire homes and even vehicles with solar energy. In the American Southwest homeowners with solar panels on their roofs have the potential to make money by adding to the power grid. Why can’t we do this at scale? Why don’t we use renewable energy all the time?

Here are some of the reasons:


1) Competition to become NO.1 :

We are currently in a global race to figure out how we can power society without burning fossil fuels. The further we continue down this path, the more irreparable damage is caused. Resulting in more lives lost in natural disasters and less time on the planet for future generations.


The importance of adopting a sustainable energy source is crucial to the future of the human race. We have two options if we want our species to continue our existence: stop destroying Earth or find an alternative place to live.


2) Its too late:

Some voices in the climate change community believe it is too late. We have passed the point of no return. We will at least have to adapt to the major changes in climate, making some regions uninhabitable.


NASA believes there is still hope, and steps forward like mitigating our consumption of energy and adapting to the changes in the climate can still save the planet, or perhaps they just don’t want to be left with figuring out how to become interplanetary.


3) Changes at a global level is difficult:

Getting an entire planet to change how they live is a difficult task. The Swedes can meet their goal of going of eliminating fossil fuels from electricity generation by 2040 but can only lead by example. If the US, China, Russia, and India still decide to keep burning fossil fuels or add to their consumption the Polar ice caps don’t stand a chance.


4) Technology Barriers:

Technology is also a concern. According to Axion Power, the Earth would need a solar farm the size of New Mexico to supply its electricity needs. This isn’t taking in to count the area for storage and transporting the energy around the world. But this analogy does bring hope. It is possible to power the planet with solar power, but more obstacles stand in the way.

Barriers for UK to go 100 percent green energy:


5) Massive Industries already in business:

The oil and gas industry is massive. According to IBISWorld, the global market is predicted to generate 3.3 trillion dollars, employ 4 million people, and consists of 350,000 businesses. 3.3 T comes with political influence. Not to mention hundreds of thousands of companies that need to increase profits the following quarter.


The US government gives away an estimated 20 billion dollars to its oil and gas industry. The EU is estimated to hand out 55 billion.


6) Expensive energy:

Governments play a major role in helping the energy sector become affordable to its citizens. However, there still needs to be massive adoption on a personal level. Renewables have to make sense for an average family economically. Offering huge tax breaks is one way to get people to use renewables. Creating a desirable, futuristic, and economically viable product is another way to get people excited about alternative sources of energy.

Lately in the US, we’ve watched federal government subsidies go away while companies like Tesla and Audi develop products that people would want with or without help from the government.

7) Hard to catch up with increasing demands:

Also, Fossil fuel energy can ramp up the upcoming demand for Power. Solar energy and other green sources of energy cannot do that. We need large capacitors and batteries to store these types of energy.

Renewable Energy is Inevitable:


Countries already using green energy:

Many countries are already getting over 80% of their electricity from renewable energy. Costa Rica is generating 95% of its electricity from hydro, geothermal, and solar power. Scotland is using wind for 98% of its electrical power.


It is possible to convert the world to renewable energy. Many smaller countries with stable governments and efficient economies will be carbon neutral in the next 20 years. The world superpowers are going to have to cut back on the energy they consume to avoid more severe global consequences.


The US accounts for about 4% of the world population but almost 20% of the electricity consumption.


When will the entire world switch to renewables? 

Much of the responsibility lies with the USA. Becoming free from fossil fuels is going to be a challenge for the US, the Americans are currently going in the wrong direction.

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Consequences of Continuing to Burn Fossil Fuels:



While the United States doesn’t have a federal plan to lower consumption or greenhouse gasses, Colorado is experiencing record highs for January. Much of the Western states saw unprecedented levels of destruction due to wildfires just a few months ago. During hurricane season, the National Hurricane Center ran out of letters in the alphabet to name tropical storms. This has only happened twice in history.


More destruction and death are yet to come from climate change even if we were to become carbon neutral tomorrow. As citizens of Earth, we have an obligation to future generations. The only option is to start using renewable energy.

Stacked Solar Panels in a Vertical Way:


"In a vertically stacked solar panel system, the solar panels are placed above one another vertically. This can lead to an unbelievable improvement in productivity as well as the minimization of the area required for the installation of a solar-powered system."


The global trend of generating electrical energy through Hydel, wind, ocean, or nuclear energy, or fuel energy, etc., is now being replaced by the trend of generating energy through solar panels. Certain bits of evidence and reasons have made this concept worthy.

Cost Effectiveness:

The most prominent benefit of this trend is free of cost power delivery. It doesn’t need any input power to generate electricity. Although it needs some initial capital cost to install a solar power plant.


Another worthy fact about the installation of a solar power plant is its zero maintenance cost. The maintenance cost of all other means of generating electric power consumes a huge amount of money.
Thus, maintenance cost indirectly reduce the net profit of an organization. By adopting the trend of generating power through solar means can lead us to a scenario that reduces the maintenance to zero.

Contribution to Environment:

Another positive reason for adopting this trend is its environmental friendliness. This source of generating electric power can save natural resources, like water, fuel (petrol, diesel, kerosene, CNG, etc.), coal and nuclear resources, etc. Also, it makes the environment more human-friendly.
For example, using electric power through all other means need human operators all the time. Furthermore, it needs functional and operational labor force, but solar power plant doesn’t need these all. It has a very easy and human-friendly operational methodology.
It's a clean and human-friendly natural source that is becoming popular in the modern world where electricity is becoming expensive and resources are becoming scarce.

Feasibility of Solar-powered System:

Let's compare the cost of all other means of generating electric power with a solar power system. The initial capital cost of the solar power system is the minimum amongst all and the operational cost, as well as the maintenance cost of the solar-powered system, is close to zero, which is very economically beneficial among all other power sources. See here some cheapest ways to produce electricity at home.

So, after elaborating on different factors the conclusive idea is to adopt a solar-powered system due to plenty of factors.

1. Its environment friendly
2. Its cost-efficient
3. It's clean and doesn’t rely on fuels and other natural sources
4. Easily accessible power source anywhere whether you are camping outside or live in a remote location you can enjoy this power source.

Importance of Vertically Stacked Solar Panels:

More solar power generation:

Modern studies and research witnesses the fact of improving the productivity and efficiency of the system by using the vertically stacked set up for solar panels despite the horizontal one. MIT University has carried out detailed research on this topic. And they eventually reach to this conclusion that vertical setup can generate even twenty times more electric power than horizontal setup.

Consuming area:

Along with the issue of low productivity, another issue was raised, while operating a solar-powered system with the horizontal setup. In the most populated zone, it was almost impossible to create such a large area for the installation of a solar-powered system with a horizontal setup.
 Although it was still possible to evacuate some areas for the installation of domestic purpose solar power plant. It was out of the question to evacuate the too big area in the populated cities like Chongqing, Tokyo, New York, Washington DC, London, California, Beijing, Austria, etc. for the installation of a solar-powered system for commercial purposes as it would need hundreds of square kilometer area for its installation.
The latest and advanced research proposed another setup for the installation of a solar power system. Productivity can be improved by twenty times by implementing vertical-style solar panels.

Contribution of Backyard Revolution Program to achieve vertically stacked setup


The productivity of solar panels can be improved while the area required for its installation can be reduced by the vertical setup solar panels.


A program, Backyard Revolution Program created by Zack Bennett to adjust the issues of running out of electrical power and to settle the issue of getting expensive electric bills each month.
By using this module, every house can be made self-sufficient in generating electric power for its domestic purposes just in the smallest area of only ten square meters.
This 3-D Solar system is capable of generating 20 times more electric power than any conventional solar system in the same given area according to the program.

The Tendency to Encounter Challenges

This new module of generating electric power through solar means disclosed a new chapter of technology regarding the production of electric power through solar means

Model of generating solar energy in vertically stacked solar panels:

This model is based on a three-dimensional structure that almost doubles the capability of generating electric power through solar energy in any available area. This module follows the overlapping series of solar panels above each other.

But one thing to be noted and take care of is to ensure every solar panel is placed over one another in such a way that all the solar panels can receive the full glaze of sunlight.

Construction at Home DIY:

Mr. Zack has demonstrated pretty much clear and simple to make this module easier and familiar with the people. He demonstrated this design step by step, making it very clear and understandable for the people across the globe.

You can download the guide regarding the Backyard Revolution Program with complete step by step guidelines and all the tools required for how to design the Backyard Revolution for the solar power plant at your homes.

You can also find a video that will further facilitate you exactly how to design this module in your home practically without contacting any expert for professional help.

Learn about mit solar tower DIY backyard revolution on to DIY your vertically staked solar panels.

3D Solar Panels Backyard Revolution Plans:

"Backyard revolution power system combine tubes and miniature towers which are designed to contain solar panels in a 3D setup. According to a report, it can produce energy 20 times more than conventional solar modules."


The Backyard Revolution is a very popular solar energy program that keeps people’s bills considerably low. With the plan working, users can slash the bills to a minimum. It bridges the inefficiency gap that comes from traditional solar panels.

How it Works: 

This includes a video tutorial that will help you to make the settings of solar panels in a 3d vertical pattern that you can set up easily in your home. It uses a zig-zag pattern which is a step-by-step method and can be completed in just a few hours.
In order for you to follow the instructions easier and without any problems there are pictures, diagrams, and shopping lists that will enable you to start DIY your 3d solar panels. The solar panels must be aligned with the sunlight so it can have direct contact with the panels.
The good thing is it only covers about 10 square feet So, you do not need to worry about any extra space or anything. You have to make sure that you follow all the instructions carefully because if you make a mistake or skip a step you will not be able to get the desired result.



This technology combines tubes and miniature towers. These tubes and towers are designed to contain solar cells in a 3D setup, they arranged in this way in order to stop the loss of energy that conventional plain surface solar panels have to face. According to a report, it can produce energy 20 times more than conventional solar modules. The 3-dimensional solar technology makes it very efficient. It can absorb a huge amount of solar energy because of its vertical surfaces.


Benefits of Backyard Revolution 3d Solar:

Some of the benefits that we get from renewable solar energy are:

Good for the Environment

Out of all the energy sources, solar energy is the least negative for the environment. It does not pollute the water or produce greenhouse gases. One of the most significant benefits is that most of the solar installations are in urban areas like domestic solar panels. This means that such production of solar energy will not be creating any noise at all. By using this type of DIY solar energy you will not only save cost but produce well for the climate.

Production During Peak Hours

Energy demand is highest during peak hours which are in the 11:00-16:00 time frame. As the demand is higher so the price of electricity peaks too. However, the production of solar energy is also highest during these hours and it can be used instead of electricity. Because of this, the prices in this time frame can be reduced to a level close to those of night hours.

Applicable Everywhere

The biggest and greatest benefit of this renewable energy source is that it is available everywhere. Wherever you are camping or off-road if the sun is shining you can use this power source. In remote areas, these solar panels are very beneficial and a good source of clean energy.

Reduce Energy Bill

By using solar power you can save electric bills. By using your own DIY solar panels you will be using less electricity and this will make your budget under control

Getting Maximum Power Potential:

With the progress in today's world, many kinds of research are being conducted to improve the performance of solar systems. The cost of photovoltaic cells are being reduced Now, people are looking at which these solar panels are arranged in a way that will bring maximum potential to solar energy generation.
It was observed that if solar panels are arranged in 3d vertical patterns the energy of these solar panels can increase up to 20 times more energy than usual horizontal pattern solar panels. The generation of solar energy in 3D is an important advancement in solar system technology and can be an important part of it.

How to Build 3d Solar Panels?


MIT solar tower :

"A DIY 3D solar panels device that has all the ideas and plans to make you energy independent. According to an MIT report, this system can generate up to 20 times more energy".

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Everyone wants to know about a power generation system that will reduce their electricity bills, but there are many methods and devices that will power your home. 

Some are too difficult and complicated to understand and do not prove to be a reliable source of energy.

As global resources become scarce and people search for clean and green energy sources. Solar energy comes to mind every time.

This program is a guide that will allow you to create your own DIY 3D solar power generation device called Backyard Revolution

Features :

  • You can place this device anywhere. 
  • It's easy to handle and looks great in your home even in your backyard. 
  • It contains a vertical solar tower designed for home use that has solar panels arranged in a zigzag pattern reducing wastage of solar energy.
  • Cheaper Than Traditional Solar Panels.

Benefits :

  • It behaves like a disaster-saving power generation source. And very good backup power when you need it most.
  • It is a power generation that saves money as it will reduce your electricity bills.
  • This will stop that huge money from investing in power-generating devices that require thousands of dollars to invest and build.
This solar power generator contains solar panels that are arranged in a 3D zigzag pattern. 

Therefore, it is fully exposed to sunlight without wasting solar energy compared to traditional plane solar panels.

How does it work?

Essentially, the Backyard Revolution System Guide will provide instructions to help you form a DIY 3d mit solar tower for home use, that expands solar cells into a three-dimensional figure.

According to the MIT report, this system can generate up to 20 times more energy than traditional solar panels of the same size by arranging them in a vertical tower .
This DIY device works by arranging the solar arrays in a zig-zag pattern so full sunlight can be consumed and maximum power is stored in a battery.
A solar battery is attached to this DIY 3d device which will store the energy required to power various electrical objects when needed keeping electric costs low in the process.
So if you get energy bills every month, it sounds like an interesting innovation. 
This is because it is something simple and easy, a program that everyone can learn to create and use. And most importantly, it promotes the use of clean energy.


The Most Important Benefit :

The main and most important benefit you can get with this energy source is that it saves the planet, the only thing that threatens the world is global warming and pollution.
Ancient and traditional energy sources have damaged the environment causing problems such as global warming and the melting of glaciers due to dangerous greenhouse gases. 
An increasing amount of CO2 in the atmosphere causing pollution and global warming.
The Revolution solar system in the backyard has used clean and ecological solar energy. It uses it to reduce your electricity bills and to save the world from problems like climate change and global warming.



DIY 3d mit solar tower plans:

The idea of creating a green energy source is not a new and unique idea. 
However, the Backyard Revolution Guide is shaped by the ability to help people maximize the efficiency of the solar-powered solar module and reduce the energy required for its use. 
The DIY solar panel device inspired by an MIT study has been used in the idea that solar collectors can promote solar energy and electricity savings.
This device will provide clean cheap energy and can be placed in a small area within the home. 
As it is DIY it requires less cost and time to assemble; it also provides a good backup system in case of a power outage, keeping your essential household equipment running when needed most.
The plan for this innovative DIY mit solar tower is provided in the guide "Backyard Revolution" mentioned below.