How can someone access their results from Sarkari result?


One of the very important parts in job seeking process in India is the exam. Sarkari exams that are usually posted on website by employers are meant to be undertaken by job seekers. These exams usually act as a filter method for employees in order to get the skilled and professional ones to work for your company. It may be a challenging step in job seeking but it happens to be the most essential part. After undertaking the exams, it is expected that the same job seekers seek to find the results of the same exams from Sarkari Update. The website makes it very easy to access all the results from the various fields available.

There are two main avenues where one can seek to find results. They include the manual results and the Sarkari Result website.

The manual results

Since all the Sarkari exams available are all facilitated by the various employers seeking employees for their companies, it is very obvious that the same employers are in charge of putting out and posting the results of the same on the Sarkari result website. After giving the results, the same employers later invite the qualifying job seekers for interviews. Some of the media used by the employers to invite job seekers for interviews include the following;

  • Posting on notice boards
  • Newspaper adverts
  • Use of journals and many more

The use of newspapers to advertise jobs available or even to invite members of the public for interviews is the most common method used. This is because newspapers reach a wide range of people compared to other media forms for its cheap nature. Notices on such media usually entail the scores of each candidate who undertook the exams tabulated hand in hand with their names. The cutoff point of the exams is also stated on the same notice.

Websites and the internet

Websites such as and others are mainly used by both the government and the private sector employers to post their results. The websites are easily accessible to all the interested parties especially job seekers. All the syllabus exams for the various jobs available are usually posted on this website together with their requirements. This acts as a guide to those interested in the various jobs on these sites.


The government of India has made it easy for members of the public to access all the results they require by just logging into Sarkari result website.