Is Govt job worth the effort we put to get them?


Many young people study with the ever present hope of getting employed after completion of their studies. However, with the current trends, it is imperative that the employment be analyzed in comparison to self-employment. Out in the job market, it takes quite a short time for the realization that jobs are extremely scarce even when you have impeccable credentials. Employment has perks and drawbacks like. This is examined below.

Advantages of employment

Employment, be it sarkari naukri or Rojgar in the private sector has its perks. For one, employment especially by the government is relatively stable. For people who are seeking the relative calm in life, government jobs in India would be very sufficient.

Apart from the stability, employment also offers an opportunity for one to gain experience on the job.  Many people in employment will tend to have very colossal amounts of knowledge on their fields of expertise. Employment offers a chance for one to gain competitive edge in the market.

Criteria for employment in India

In India, job opportunities are mostly advertised in websites such as Sarkari result india. Such ensures that prospective candidates have the opportunity to fill the available latest jobs online form to be eligible for the positions advertised for. Jobs are specific to India are indexed as India results. Essentially jobs in India can either be sarkari naukri (government employment) or Rojgar in reference to the private sector.

After application, there is undertaking of a compulsory qualifying exam that is based on an exam syllabus specific to the filed or career. This is then followed by oral interview and subsequent employment. Results of the exams can be accessed from the website indexed as sarkari results. Latest results or sarkari result delhi.

Drawbacks of employment

Though employment provides the perfect dream for many people, it has setbacks and disadvantages that dog it. For instance, employment in the government is considerably monotonous and boring since one has to go through the same motions with the same subjects over and over and again.

Furthermore, employment demands respect for a chain of command. Unlike in self-employment where one is at independence to make their own decisions, employment regulations and normal practice makes one susceptible to exploitation by bosses and other senior personnel.

It is worth noting however that Rojgar results are more lucrative and dynamic than government jobs in India.

However, employment is always worth the try since many young people do not have the necessary capital for independent startups.