BendDesk: A Multitouch Workstation That’s Perfect for You

BendDesk is a working prototype that combines the digital desktop region with the more physical desktop. Do you know who has created it? Yes it’s created by Malte Weiss, Simon Voelker and Jan Borchers, this model offers a unique working experience. Read further to check out our multitouch workstation full review.

Because there’s really no other way to describe. BendDesk has a multi touch feature that allows you to interact with both the curved vertical and horizontal surfaces at the same time. While an average work setup consolidates a level work desk with a vertical PC screen, the BendDesk’s curved surface joins the two into one single unit.

This a dream for a future workspace that permits consistent communication between the two zones. utilizing multi-touch innovation, the show bends from an even plane to a vertical plane. This workspace can be utilized to show advanced substance and associate with it straightforwardly utilizing multi-touch motions and control. Consider it as though it’s a savvy white-board and a multi-touch work area embedded into it. It can be used to sort and alter data, or to play games. The framework utilizes a mix of two projectors from underneath and behind the screens.

A large number of LEDs around the edges of the screen fill it with infrared light. We can say that 3 Cameras with IR Channels can be identified touches by recognizing fluctuations in the IR design, making it what we call “multi touch”.

All science details aside, here was our multitouch workstation full review. We don’t know about you, but we love the sound of this new kind of workstation. Who knows? All of us might be using it a few years into the future.